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I’m dedicated to guiding my clients through the sometimes overwhelming journey of transforming their houses into “homes” by adding value, finding unique pieces or transforming their existing pieces that may be full of meaning. My ultimate goal is to create timeless and harmonious spaces for years to come.

About Me...

Well hello there, G’day and welcome! I’m Nikki, an Interior Designer with over 9 years experience in the Home Improvement & Home Construction Industries. Prior to that I had a very long and rewarding career in various government agencies working in the HR sector and community engagement. Those roles just didn’t speak to my heart or excite me like design & home improvement did and they definitely didn’t speak to my creative side.

Did you happen to notice the “Gday” greeting? I’m a proud new American having immigrated from Australia mid 2019 and after 3 long years of processing have just been granted my Permanent Residency… next step is citizenship, Yay! I’m happily married to my best friend and husband Albert, (I love a good DIY project y’all and he very graciously comes along for the ride). We have 2 teenage daughters and we are absolutely loving the laid back Louisiana lifestyle, the amazing culture and the famous Southern hospitality.

I can be somewhat of an Introvert yet love meeting new people, which is a little contradictory I know. If you’ve seen my social media you know I struggle putting myself out there, but like all of us, I’m all about self improvement and I’m working on that and can’t wait to bring you more authentic content on DIY/Home Improvement and some helpful tutorials. I am known for having a genuine and caring nature and as a mum to a child on the Autism spectrum; I’m a fierce advocate for people with disabilities. I know that this is what ignites my passion as an Interior Designer and guides my holistic approach to Interior Design and Home Improvement.

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Home Re-Design & E-Design Services


Color Selections & Mood Boards

What's it like to work with me?

I take the time to connect with you. I ask all of those important questions that other designers may not, because I want to provide a holistic design the benefits the wellbeing of everyone in the space.

It’s important to me that I deliver you a space that is comfortable, improves your life, is inviting and harmonious and that that you absolutely love. My home is my sanctuary and I appreciate my clients often have the same philosophy.

Personality wise, I’m a Problem Solver and I’m very conscientious of productivity and project timeframes. I will always look for a solution that is not only practical but realistic.

My career goal has always been to create calm, harmonious, neutral interior spaces that optimize function and comfort but also elevate my client’s wellbeing.

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Lincoln Hills, Monroe


Residential - Kitchen Re-design, Living Room Re-design & FIreplace Update




Comanche Trail, West Monroe, 2022

Vacnt Home Staging - Sold in 48hrs




Garden District, Monroe


Mini interior re-design & Occupied Staging. Sold in 24hrs over asking

What My Clients Say

Modern Short Burst Frame Thin Outline

Nikki is amazing! She helped design a wonderful look for 2 living areas, 3 bedrooms and a dining area. Nikki helped me discover what my style is and what would work best for our multi generational household. I highly recommend her talent and work ethic. Nikki is amazing!

- Sheila Kay Downhour

Modern Short Burst Frame Thin Outline

Nikki is amazing to work with! She has an eye for design and does a great job making sure every detail is perfect. She staged one of our vacant listings and it went under contract in two days! I would highly recommend Nikki to Realtors or investors who need their vacant listings staged, as well as homeowners who are about to list. I will definitely use her services again in the future. Thanks Nikki

- Kelsey Chisholm (She Buys Houses)

Modern Short Burst Frame Thin Outline

Nikki did a great job for me.I was lost an needed help. She came to my home an we discussed what I needed and suggested several things. They were perfect just what I ask her to pick out for. She had read my mind. Thank you Nikki I love my new living room and dining room curtains you picked out out for me I could not have done this without you.

- Liz Jones

Busting some common myths about Interior Design, Home Improvement & Home Staging Services

Interior Design should look trendy and updated with the latest furniture and decor trends that flood our social media feeds…

Honestly no (and I’m all about honesty), not unless that’s your style, your preferred taste and most importantly budget. Not all of my clients like the current trends nor have they ever followed them. Your space should always reflect YOU and YOUR style and show YOUR personality. With a holistic approach to design my goal is to design you a space that looks good, feels good and actually promotes your physical, mental, and spiritual health. Approaching design this way is to understand that the spaces in which you live affect how you live and how you feel.

DIY always saves you money….

Although I’m a keen DIY’er myself, I think reality shows and social media videos give a false sense of how much time it truly takes to complete home improvement projects and definitely encourage many of us over estimate our ability. Just because you’re handy doesn’t mean you should always do a home improvement project yourself. Things like major roofing projects, certain electrical repairs and upgrades & structural work may need the expertise of a professional. The same can be said for Interior Design services. Engaging professional design services is an investment and can ensure; your home that is specifically curated by me to your unique requirements, personality and character. It takes the guess work out of decorating. Your designs are optimized for function and flow. Any modifications are always suggested for value not just aesthetics

I can’t afford to make cosmetic changes to my home before going to market and there’s no value in staging my home for sale. The real question is, can you afford NOT to? We all know that first impressions are so important, as most buyers will gauge if they want to preview a property based on how it presents online! The statistics and results don’t lie. Did you know that 78% of expired listing are vacant, with no staging. The statistics also show that staged properties sell 2-11 times faster than a house that isn’t staged. Having an empty room photographed is leaving money on the table. Staging helps buyers emotionally connect with a home to entice them to come see the property in person! Even if your home is less than perfect, staging can still benefit you. Nearly a third of all buyers (27%) are more willing to overlook property faults in a staged home.

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